Welcome to the Technology Page!

Tools for Teachers       
 Class Dojo Free Behavior management System that
can be used to help kids track their behavior     
Save You Tube                     Downloader for youtube videos that can be saved to 
your computer.
 Free file converter  Converts files to different formats.            

Creating Presentations        
 Photo Story

A free download from Microsoft that can 
be used to create slide shows set to music 
with transitions.
Technology Clearinghouse/    Has slides, clip art, backgrounds etc to use in a
Voki  Create avatars and record the voice to use
in your presentation.

ELA Tools       
Lit2go                               Has stories and passages that can be
downloaded as a pdf, has an audio down
load, and student activity.  Grades K-12 
Story Board                               Students can create stories inspired by art      
PicLits  Students create sentences or poems 
from picture inspiration.
 Toon Doo  Students or teacher can create comic strips

Social Studies Tools       
 Maps ETC                       Historic maps for students & teachers.        10 X 10                Shows 100 random pictures and words from a moment in time. 
Date can be changed to a moment in history.

Classroom Management       
 Class DoJo  Students are entered and you can track  
positive and negative behavior with sounds.